Saturday, August 25, 2007


The Schueberfouer is THE big funfair in Luxembourg where one appreciates this event, which is more than a simple funfair. The event beginning principally the 23rd august, the day before Saint Bartholomew’s day is a very old luxemburgish tradition. It already existed while the Luxemburgish nation didn’t exist. Contrary to lots of funfairs that have a religious origin, the Schueberfouer is a worldly event, based originary on the trading of products. Nowadays it has changed to become a huge amusement event. The Luxemburgish love the Schueberfouer because it reminds most of them of their childhood. So it is nearly an attempt to the Luxembourgers not to attend the Schueberfouer, to eat a « gebaackene Fesch » (something like fish and chips), do some rides or the bumper cars and to return home with some Schappnougat.

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Good Old Times...
The White-Water Ride is the new attraction of this year's edition

Thursday, August 23, 2007


All We Need explores the world as a global market through the human efforts to dream, imagine and live a happy life. The exhibition shows, in particular through the fair trade example, alternatives in consumption and life styles. It provides reflections and proposals for action on the essential questions touching the future of mankind: which are our fundamental needs, and how can we satisfy them without endangering neither the survival of our planet, nor human rights?

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The old Blast House in Esch/Belval hosts the Exhibtion

Graffiti outside the building


Hundreds of Bottles give the impression of a wave..

instead of a Guestbook where you can leave your Signature, you put here your...

... fingerprint!

Parts of the old Blast House which give its charm to the Exhibition



Parts of the old Blast House you can see throughout the Exhibition


Stand up...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer Night in the City

Windowshopping by night..

Even after 30 years Elvis still fascinates people - this young man was singing in an extraordinary resembling voice some of his greatest hits.
EDIT: I have found out his name: Steven Pitman

Very special THANK YOU ...

The man himself.... ;-)
... to Serge (our company computer scientist) who has made it possible that I can post again! If he wants, I will take a picture of him on Monday and put him in my Blog - until then you can look at the picture of this Morning - Dawn in Reckenthal....

Monday, August 13, 2007


Sadly there are some technical problems - I can't upload new pictures... hopefully I will find out the reason - but until then.. no new pictures.... ;-(

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Eating Out

Hidden behind this passage lies the best chinese restaurant in Town 'Ming Dynasty'
During summer my most beloved place to eat out - especially due to the terrace...

...and of course due to the company of a good friend!